We have pre- hire assessment tests  with more than 100 tests are on different topics. you can Explore our test library to select a test on Aptitude, Reasoning , Technical skills  and Psychometric. You will be able to get a selection  of assessment tests that suits your need. Also, you can customise  your own tests as per your requirement and convenience

We provide :->

 Conduct pre – hire assessment  
 Assess candidates  
 Analyse report card deeply  
 Conduct voice accent testing  
 Virtual interviews  



HR  – Get right candidates.

The Corporate Human Resources Recruiter is responsible for recruitment  of right candidates  for   empty positions. HR plays  a critical role in ensuring we are hiring the best possible talent. Choosing a right candidate among lacs of profile is  a very challenging task.

College : Test is  an important part for students education. this is 21st century , where technologies is playing an important role.


  • Entrance exam
  • Report card analysis
  • Internal exam
  • Assignments tracking
  • Social connects
  • Video chat
  • Learning portal
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